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Konica Minolta EP4000/5000

Need an office copier that makes 40 copies per minute with advanced pace-setting options? The Konica Minolta EP4000 from Graphic Enterprises is ready to step in. Or maybe it's a powerful machine that makes 50 copies per minute and can pick up the pace as it grows with your business? The EP5000 can handle it. Both offer the largest paper supply in the industry - 7,250 sheets on-line. You can also choose six-way paper feed, including a high capacity programmable bypass feature. And with up to 1,000 account codes, you can ensure costs stay in step with your bottom line. Both are also packed with duplexing power. Concerned about image? Count on Konica Minolta's exclusive Micro-Toning system for optimum quality output.


  • EP4000: 40 ppm; EP5000: 50 ppm
  • Up to 999 copies
  • First copy speed: 4.1 sec.(EP4000); 3.7 sec.(EP5000)
  • Warm-up time: 130 sec.(EP 4000); 2.5 min. (EP5000)
  • LCD Touch Screen Control
  • 7,250 sheets of paper supply
  • Standard in-line three-hole punch with optional 20-bin
  • Programmable Bypass Feed
  • 50-200% zoom, 1/10th of 1% increments

EP4000/5000 Specifications

For more information, visit the Konica Minolta site. (This will open
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